Flux Laiflite LF

Laiflite LF is specially designed for the leveling process on vertical hot air leveling machines. Laiflite LF is high temperature resistant and is perfectly suitable for leadfree (Pb) and lead containing (Pb/Sn) hot air leveling processes. The good activation and wetting properties ensure the perfect removal of the oxide layer on the copper surface.

Laiflite LF reduces the surface tension and prevents tin streaks on single sided boards (i.e. CEM1) or on FR4-materials without soldermask. It avoids the contamination of the machines by tin splashes, shows no interaction with the soldermasks of the leading manufacturers (such as discoloration or sweating) and enables highest insulation resistances.

Laiflite LF shall be applied either by dipping or better in horizontal roller fluxers (HDF 650 / HDF 650 IG), which reduce the flux consumption significantly.

The advantages of Laiflite LF:

  • excellent activation and wetting properties
  • shiny and smooth solder surfaces
  • low corrosion of the machine and low odor
  • perfectly suitable for SMD technology
  • suitable for all vertical hot air leveling systems

Material Safety Data Sheet: