Cooling Conveyor System HC 650

The cooling conveyor System HC-650 is specially designed to cool down the tem­perature of hot air leveled boards and to transport them to the post cleaning line without any scratches.

The system works with an air cush­ion, which will be formed above a perforated stainless steel sheet by a high pressure blower on which the operator place the leveled boards. The uniformity of the air cushion takes care for a preserved cool down with­out any scratches on the leveled pads. The transport of the boards to the post clean­ing system takes place according to the principle of gravity by a gentle gradient of the cooling conveyor system. The blower is stepless adjustable to increase or decrease the air cushion power for dif­ferent weights and sizes of the printed circuit boards.

At the output of the conveyor system pneumatically retractable foot pedal actuated pins are installed, to control the cooling time on the air cushion and to adjust the boards on their way into the post ceaning system. The cooling system HC-650 is a maintenance free system and is suitable for the integration in an auto­mated horizontal production process.

The advantages of the HC 650:

  • Gentle and uniform cooling of the circuit board
  • Cooling without distortion and scratches on the soldering surfaces
  • Integration possibility to existing post cleaning systems

The cooling conveyor is also available with an optionally exhaust cover


Technical Details

Working Width:

650 mm

Conveyor Height:

910 mm +/- 30 mm

Conveyor Speed:

0 - 2,5 m/min stepless


PVC-light grey or PP

Power Supply:

230 V, 50 Hz, 1P/N/PE

Power Consumption:

0,7 kW

Compressed Air:

6-8 bar


1400 x 700 x 1050 mm (LxWxH)

Product Data Sheet: